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Reasons You Are Not Getting Views on Social Media Platforms

If among the many creators engaging with social media, you likely aim to change yourself into a social media sensation. Numerous individuals have transformed from ordinary lives to celebrity-like status, courtesy of social media platforms. Whether it’s your unique persona, impressive dance routines, or valuable insights, you possess ample potential to carve out a reputation on this expansive social network. However, achieving that requires garnering views.

Unfortunately, you might realize that your account is not getting meaningful views despite your efforts. It hinders your ability to create meaningful content and delays your journey to fame. The article will elaborate on reasons you are not getting enough views and how to change that. 

New User Account

Your account may be new, and the platform is still establishing its reach. If you recently created an account and posted the first video, it likely will receive a few impressions within the first two to 24 hours.

The algorithm needs time to verify account details to determine trustworthiness. Additionally, social media platforms require time to understand your content and identify the most suitable audience segment on the For You Page (FYP).

In this situation, your options are limited. However, you can carefully review your content to ensure it complies with all guidelines. This can help expedite the review process for your new account and establish a positive trust signal with the algorithm.

Another effective and cheap way is buying on Celebian. Here, you can choose the best package based on your budget and account size. Buying views allows your videos to show viewers, attracting more audience.


There’s a waiting period for platforms to showcase your video to other users. When you upload a video, the channel initially presents it to a limited audience on the For You page to gauge engagement. If viewers interact positively, it will continue to recommend it.

Typically, any channel displays the video to more users within a day. Still, some users have experienced their view count remaining 0 for days or weeks before increasing. If your video still lacks views after some time, it’s worth examining potential issues.

Posting at the Wrong Times

Timing can affect visibility; posting during peak hours may garner more views. Always think about your audience when sharing videos on social media. Plan your posting schedule strategically, ensuring your audience is online and ready to engage.

Posting in the middle of the night, when your followers are probably asleep, significantly reduces the chances that they’ll see your video in their feed when they wake up.

Poor Content

If your content consistently receives low views, your strategy may need adjustment. Content that is dull, repetitive, and needs more creativity won’t attract an audience, especially with numerous brands striving for high levels of creativity.

Digital consumers have high expectations, so you need to stand out online. However, no views at all are different from low views. If your account consistently gets no attention, another issue might be at play.

Your Account is a Private

If your account is private, only followers can see your posts. If you have few followers, your videos will likely have zero views. You may have overlooked privacy settings. You could have accidentally made your account private without realizing it. You may have intentionally set your account to private and forgotten about it.

In essence, various factors could contribute to videos not gaining views. Ensure that content is original and aligns with social media community guidelines. However, if still facing low viewership, buy views from the most reputable providers by buying on Celebian.

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